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Special Issue:
"Precipitation Measurement Instruments: Calibration, Accuracy and Performance"
Guess Editor:
Prof. Luca G. Lanza
Deadline for manuscript submissions:
30 September 2020

New publication:
Adirosi et al. (2020)
Rainfall and DSD parameters comparison between micro rain radar, two-dimensional video and PARSIVEL2 disdrometers, and S-band dual-polarization radar.
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Thechnology, 37 (4), pages 621-640.

New publication:
Ravazzani et al. (2020)
Wind speed interpolation for evapotranspiration assessment in complex topography area.
Bulletin of Atmospheric Science and Technology, 1, pages 13-22.

New publication:
Cauteruccio et al. (2020)
The role of free-stream turbulence in attenuating the wind updraft above the collector of precipitation gauges.
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Thechnology, 37, pages 103-113.

V meeting - Palermo, DICAM - University of Palermo

IV meeting - Cosenza, CNR-ISAFOM

Field calibration of ARPA Lombardia rain gauges in the Seveso river catchment.

Visit to the WMO/CIMO Field Test of the Lead Centre on Precipitation Intensity in Vigna di Valle

II meeting - Roma, CNR

Kick-off meeting - Genova


2nd project meeting

CNR Headquarters - ROME
November 29th, 2017

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PRIN-15 Reconciling Precipitation with Runoff.